Trading Cats

Last month I went to the Riverside Arts Walk to check out the art there. It's a vibrant art scene with artists, young and old, showing off their talents. Very often, there are also performances by local dancers and musicians. I love it. 

While walking around looking at the street vendors, I came across a small drawing of a cat woman that I really liked. When I inquired about it, the artist pointed out that it had a paint smudge across the top and didn't want me to buy it. It was part of a tryptich as I could see the other two offered on the table as well. A small exchange happened, the result of which he gave me all three for free. That's of charge. I said that I really could not do that, but he insisted saying something about them being around for a long time.

And so, I did take them.....and I love them. Here they are:

Catwoman tryptich by Raymond Argumedo

Catwoman tryptich by Raymond Argumedo

But it still didn't feel right. So I decided that I wanted to draw up something for him and make this an exchange. This is the artist way.

There is a piece of Japanese art that I have had in my inspiration file for a long time. I just love the stark nature of it, with the black jumping off the page. The artist had used a pale peach watercolor in the background that I find really pleasing. I don't know who the artist is, so if someone can tell me, I will gladly credit them. 

Here is the inspiration: 


Japanese Raven

Japanese Raven

I used that as my jumping off point, making the raven into a cat woman instead. This is not a traditional cat woman, but that's the fun thing about art, you can make it your own. My cat is perched on a branch, motionless, waiting for the right moment to pounce. I did not have time to do that lovely watercolor wash in the background, so I had to do it in the computer, which only takes a minute. Of course, that means that I cannot give him the original, which I completely intended to do. Alas, aesthetics win out.

Years back, I was in Korea and had my name carved onto a traditional stamp, which is the mark in red on the left side. Above it is the Japanese symbol for 'love.' 

 © 2013 Julie Ann Silverman

 © 2013 Julie Ann Silverman

I'm on my way to this month's Arts walk tonight, with my cat in the bag (I could not resist the pun).

I have two hopes..... 

I hope I find him, and I hope he likes it, because I certainly enjoyed doing it.