Style Notes-Borrowing from the Boyfriend

Fashion is ever evolving.  If your desire is to be a fashion illustrator, inspiration is endless. I will be sharing some of mine.

Welcome to Style Notes.


Borrowing from the Boyfriend

Every now and again I borrow an item from my beau’s closet and wear it for a day.  He wears these cute little black pork pie hats throughout the year- a straw one in the Summer and a felt one in the Winter. I’ve worn both. When the weather is warm, or when he is out of town, I skip my pajama drawer completely and prefer to sleep in his t shirts instead. My favorite one is black and says ‘Luke, Leia, Han and Chewie.’ in white lettering.  Nerd love.

I’ve never borrowed a pair of his jeans, but if I did, I think that I would cuff them at the bottoms, and wear them with a pair of heels. Since it is always more fun to Show and Tell, I challenged myself to make an illustration from that inspiration.  I turned to my usual fashion haunts online until I came up with the right combination. For those of you interested in recreating this look, I did what a good blogger should, and included the links. Enjoy.